Wallington BNI
Meeting Day: Tuesday, 6:30 AM
Meeting Location:
Jace Catering
16 Stanley Park Road
Meeting Location Phone - 020 3657 3917
Member Count: 16
President: Phil Curtis
Tel: 07921 316963
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Vice President: Gary Morris
Tel: 0203 475 8855
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Secretary / Treasurer: Richard Gamble-Frost
Tel: 02086190443
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Chapter Ambassador: Steve Gelling
Tel: 07894 911994
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Chapter Director Consultant: Nina Haydon
Tel: 07715 174923
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Chapter Area Director Consultant: Jonathan Hamilton
Tel: 07782 361 568
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Do you live in or near Wallington?

Would you like more business?

The benefits of joining BNI Wallington are many, varied and, most importantly, proven to help build any kind of business. Networking has never been more powerful.

As soon as you join BNI Wallington, you'll effectively receive an instant 'marketing' team - a group of local business people who will start searching out new customers for you, not just in Wallington but across Surrey and beyond. From their own clients and suppliers to trusted friends and colleagues, they'll introduce you to exactly the people you need to drive your business forward. And you can do the same for them. Everybody wins! In the last year alone, we recorded over £552,754 of business between members in our chapter.

And the members of BNI Wallington are also the friendliest and best advisers you could hope to meet. Whatever your question, just ask. You'll soon find a member with the perfect solution.

So why not pay us a visit? Many people secure lucrative new business at their very first meeting and we'll make you feel at home at once. You'll meet people who understand exactly where you want to take your business...and know how to help you get there.

Find out more by calling: 01483 802950 or visit our 'Contact' page here.

Joining BNI Wallington could change your business forever. Why wait?

Growing your business with BNI

The best way to find out about BNI is to visit a local group.  You will be made to feel most welcome.   You will meet people from all trades and professions with one thing in common.  They are all growing their businesses via recommendations or ‘word of mouth’.

There is no obligation to join.  Many visitors win business on their first visit.

Making more money with BNI

BNI has given me over £600,000 painting and decorating work in 8 years. I don’t need to advertise because of it.

Peter Hodgson, TLC Decorating Services - [email protected]


Last year, BNI generated over £200,000 of business and accounted for almost 90% of my business

Chris Denny, CMD Design Ltd


I run a marketing company but I don’t need to market my own business as I have BNI. I am in my 8th year

Anne Ray, Achieve Marketing and PR - [email protected]


To find out more

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